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It started with bunch of friends and family hanging out on the weekends having fun. We all loved playing cornhole, and would sit around playing it for hours. It turned into our sort of "thing" to do. Whenever we would get together, we would split into teams and play, enjoying the laughs and the friendly competition. There was only one problem though, we were all very competitive. So much so that we wanted to keep track of the stats and scores consistently, to see how we stacked up against one another and with various configurations of teams.

Doing this almost every weekend for months, we became quite good at scoring it started to become a bit mundane; we knew who was the best, we knew who, given no consequences would like just keep sliding it and making it in the hole. It was at that moment, that bag slid off and landed on one of our feet (without touching the ground). Right then, an idea was born. What if we added the concept of defense? What if, we took away the thought of just tossing onto a board and having no consequences for it going off the backside? How would that change the game?

It quickly became more than just about tossing bags; we incorporated defense. This new twist made our games even more exciting, more engaging, and more fun.

Just a cornhole board, some bags, and the company of good friends and the added concept of defense completely changed the dynamic of the game for us. So, an app was built. An idea became a reality. The stats, the tracking, the competition, it only heightened; we would like to include everyone to partake in this new concept. We've enjoyed it. We hope you do to!